Our Organ

The Allen L-331DK 40th Anniversary Model was installed in June 2012. The three manual instrument was delivered with four divisions and 50 stops for each of the six digitally sampled organs in the “Stop List Library” contained in the computer system of this amazing instrument.  These six organs represent a very large number of unique pipes ranging from the Baroque period into the 20th Century. The very high quality digital recordings of these pipes allows for very accurate recreations of the six organs in the Allen "Stop List Library" through the seven audio speaker channels of this Allen organ. A fifth division was added in December of 2013. All Swell stops of the six organs are now available in the new "SWELL ANTIPHONAL" division.
       Types of Organs
Arp Schnitger
  – The prevailing late 1600's German Baroque period organ in the time of J.S. Bach
  – French Romantic period organ known for dominant fiery reeds
English Cathedral
  – Known for it's diapason sounds and weighty reeds

   – American 20th Century organ known for its principal ranks and bright mixtures

  – American 20th Century Neo-Baroque organ (pipe design in the style of early Baroque period) known for “chiffy” and “windy” pipe sounds
Classic Allen
    – Sampled from Organs throughout the world which represents the "trademark" Allen sound

Bach Toccata in C Major (BWV 564)
Arp Schnitger German Baroque Organ
Daquin Noel VI
Arp Schnitger German Baroque Organ

Guilmant Sonata No. 1 in D Minor
Cavaille-Coll French Cathedral Organ

Thomas Arne Flute Tune
Herman Schlicker Neo Baroque Organ

Saints-Saens The Swan
Carnival of the Animals
Aeolian Skinner American Organ
Widor Toccata from Symphony #5
Cavaille-Coll French Cathedral Organ

Weaver Toccata
Father Henry Willis English Cathedral Organ

Barber Adagio for Strings
Aelolian-Skinner American Organ

Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)
Arp Schnitger German Baroque Organ

America the Beautiful
Arr. by Catherine Greene
Classic Allen Organ