Mission & Outreach

Who Are We?
At Fox Island United Church of Christ, we see mission as our way of doing what God requires of us.  We are committed with our time, talents and treasure to do God’s work in our community and in our world.

Mission is Local

UCC congregations are involved with mission in many ways. In the United Church of Christ, we affirm that, although the congregation is the fundamental unit of mission, mission is not just local to our church. We are connected to one another, across boundaries of neighborhood, class, race, and national border.

At FIUCC we support many missions that are local to the Gig Harbor-Key Peninsula-Fox Island area that deal with the issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness.

Mission is Global

UCC congregations are involved with mission work around the world.  FIUCC supports programs in foreign countries such as China, Nepal, Honduras and Guatemala.

Changing Lives...That’s Our Church’s Wider Mission

Our Church's Wider Mission is the name we use to describe the work we do as the United Church of Christ beyond the local church–through our Conferences, national ministries, and UCC - related institutions. Our Church's Wider Mission is also the name we give to the financial support given by UCC members and congregations that makes this broader mission possible.

Congregations are central to the ability of The United Church of Christ to do mission in local communities, within the United States and internationally. As a congregation works in its own community, it is a representative of the entire denomination and embodies the UCC in that place. And when a congregation determines its giving to Our Church's Wider Mission, there is a direct impact on levels of funding for the Conference and national ministries. Every local congregation has a responsibility to be aware of opportunities for local mission and to be knowledgeable about the work underway by its own Conference and by the national ministries.
Other Ways to Give:
Supports partners in more than 70 countries with ministries that fund development projects, feed the victims of famine, provide services for displaced people, and respond to natural disasters. These ministries are the responsibility of Wider Church Ministries, Global Sharing of Resources. Received annually on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

  Supports church growth and leadership development in the conferences and through the national offices of Local Church Ministries. This mission is expanding its support to include The Stillspeaking Ministry. Gifts will build the United Church of Christ’s future. It will: 
•      Nurture our youth and young adults – helping them grow into leaders for tomorrow 
•      Renew our congregations – transforming fading churches into hubs for community life 
•      Plant new churches – spreading the love of our stillspeaking God in areas where the message is most needed 
•      Proclaim the UCC's extravagant welcome – that No Matter Who You Are, or Where You Are on Life’s Journey, You Are Welcome Here.
Received annually on Pentecost Sunday.
Supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, including ministry carried out by the Council for American Indian Ministries (CAIM) and by the national offices of Justice and Witness Ministries. Received annually on World Communion Sunday, the first Sunday of October.

Provides financial aid to retired and active ministers and their surviving spouses and children who face overwhelming financial demands, a ministry carried out by the Pension Boards. Last year, local churches help to raise $171,000 in Christmas Grants alone that went towards helping retired clergy in need.  Received annually on the Sunday before Christmas.