Lenten Prayer and Yoga Practice

After His baptism by John the Baptist, Jesus went into the desert for 40 days to fast, pray, and become more intimately connected with His Father. The Christian liturgical season of Lent recalls those 40 days of Jesus as we set aside 40 days to prepare for Easter. In the Christian tradition, Lent is perhaps the most sacred season of the year. It is a time of preparation, recollection, reconciliation, renewal, and transformation. Fox Island United Church of Christ will again be offering a unique practice to support Christians on their spiritual journey during Lent this year. Many ancient practices of prayer and meditation will be followed. Our intention with these various contemplative practices will be: to consent to God’s healing and action within us, to be transformed in the Spirit, to drop beneath our thinking minds so we can touch a real, mystical experience of the Divine, and finally to move into Christ Consciousness.
This year to complement John Robinson’s Lenten Series, The Mystical Jesus, Natalia King and Patty Metzger have created a 2016 Lenten Prayer and Yoga Practice focused on our mystical connection with the Divine. All are invited through the hotlinks below to this 2016 Lenten Prayer and Yoga Practice or to the 2015 Daily Lenten Predawn Prayer and Yoga Practice. (The 2015 daily practices can be accessed by clicking on “2015 Predawn Lenten Prayer and Yoga Archive” at the bottom of this page.)
This will be a profound spiritual journey for those who embark on it. The Journey will be filled with discovery and challenge, sustained by God’s loving embrace. We believe that all who choose to participate have been called to do so by the Holy Spirit.
This is an amazing opportunity in our rushed and wounded world to enter into a sacred space of peace and transformation.

2016 Lenten Prayer and Yoga Practice


See the link below for videos from the 2015 Predawn Prayer and Yoga Practices from days 1 through 44.
Thank you for practicing with us. Namaste.
Be blessed in Christ's Presence!

Natalia King and Patty Metzger 

Please see the 2015 Lenten Predawn Prayer and Yoga Practice video archive below: